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As a counselling practice The Lynnbrook Centre serves a diverse array of clients, from university students wrestling with course choices or career options to families dealing with the heartbreak of loss through suicide or homicide. We also see lawyers, farmers and factory workers who have addiction problems; couples with relationship difficulties; young people with abuse problems; and the terminally ill who are faced with the grimmest of all realities. Each has their own needs and all get the full attention of an experienced therapist with the expertise to help them through what can often be the most difficult time in their lives.

We believe in offering our clients a safe comfortable space to examine their challenges and explore their options. We also know the importance of client confidentiality, and we fully understand the need for patience, support and respect. 

“Thank you for everything. I feel stronger, more self-aware and able to face whatever challenges that present themselves.”

“Counselling has helped to reunite our view of our marriage and given me hope for a long future together.”

“Everything about your service was great. My head is clearer, more focused on what matters and I have peace of mind”

“I am happier than I was when I first came 6 weeks ago, I don't feel anxious or annoyed... overall I am a happier person in myself”

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